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Necsa now embroiled in nuclear waste row

Carol Paton, BDLive, 28 January, 2016.

THE Nuclear Energy Corporation of SA (Necsa) is in a protracted battle with the auditor-general over who is responsible for the cost of decommissioning and decontaminating used nuclear material.

Necsa is arguing that it cannot be expected to take on the full burden.

(Contributor note: At last, pressure to internalise costs, let’s hope the AG can make it stick!)

Calculating the cost of decommissioning and funding it is a critical issue in the management of nuclear energy and one over which there is much contention internationally between operators, regulators and governments.

It will be a major issue for SA’s forthcoming nuclear build programme.

Decommissioning and decontamination costs are expected to be Necsa’s major expense in the future and should be reflected as a contingent liability on its balance sheet. These relate in large part to SA’s old weapons programme during apartheid days, but also to the current activities at Necsa.

The matter is one of several holding up the finalisation of Necsa’s annual financial statements for 2015, which are now four months overdue.

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Necsa welcomes Zuma’s nuclear energy pronouncements

Engineering News, 18 June, 2014.

The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation on Wednesday welcomed the revitalisation of the nuclear energy sector.

Nuclear energy will provide base-load electricity. It will allow our country to lower its carbon footprint and meet its international obligations,” Necsa CEO Phumzile Tshelane said.

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Nuclear localisation memorandum between US and SA nuclear companies

Engineering News 12 March 2013.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between US nuclear company Westinghouse Electric and the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa), the American enterprise reported on Tuesday. The MoU covers the investigation of, and cooperation in, the development of nuclear-fuel-assembly component fabrication capabilities in South Africa.

“By signing this MoU with Necsa, we are showing our commitment to provide nuclear technologies and engineering support to the South African nuclear industry,” affirmed Westinghouse VP and MD: France, Benelux and South Africa François Harari. “We are proud of our proven Westinghouse technology and our global capabilities to deliver safe, reliable and clean baseload nuclear power.”

(Comment: Westinghouse’s enthusiasm is understandable as the nuclear industry in the US is stagnating under the cost pressures and competition from natural gas power plants. I hope we don’t fall into the nuclear black hole!)


‘SA not fit for nuclear expansion’

Mail and Guardian 23 November 2012.

From human resources to waste management, South Africa has fallen short of international standards for nuclear expansion, writes Lynley Donnelly.

South Africa’s ambitious plans have far to go before six new nuclear power stations can be rolled out. This has emerged from the government’s own assessment of the country’s readiness to embark on nuclear fleet procurement.

Draft documents, dated late last year and seen by theMail & Guardian, appear to be part of the government’s preliminary preparations for an integrated nuclear infrastructure review, an assessment guide developed by the International Atomic Energy Agency to aid countries embarking on a nuclear power programme.

The review covers 19 infrastructure issues over three phases that a country should address. They include the government’s position on its commitment to develop nuclear energy, safety, management, legislation, funding and financing, safeguards, regulatory framework, radiation protection, human resource development, environmental protection, emergency planning, security and physical protection, radioactive waste and procurement…

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Nuclear Skills Development Centre

Engineering News 15 November 2012.

The South African division of the French group Alstom recently signed an agreement with the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation to invest R8-million into the Nuclear Skills Development Centre. Keith Campbell was there.

Keith Campbell:
Alstom is one of the world’s major multinationals, operating in the power generation, power transmission and rail infrastructure sectors. Alstom South Africa country human resources director Duke Mgaga explains why his company has made this investment…

(Editor’s note: That’s jumping the gun a bit isn’t it? Who says we even need a nuclear skills development centre? And I’m sure the reason for the investment is that Alstom is hoping to get a big slice of the nuclear pie, if and when it comes.)

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