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Nuclear on hold as government mulls putting Eskom in charge of the project

Engineering News, 30 September, 2016.

(EGSA contributor note: The delay for consultation is good news, but handing it over to Eskom sounds like a plan to fail – still no mention of the necessity to wait for the Integrated Resource Plan and the Integrated Energy Plan to go through the necessary process of formulation, public consultation, modification, more consultations, cabinet approval – be sure to tune in for the next exciting installment).

Government will not be issuing a call for proposals for its nuclear power expansion programme on Friday to allow for more time for consultations, which could mean shifting responsibility for implementation of the project from the Department of Energy to Eskom, Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe confirmed on Thursday.


Sham public consultation

BDLive, 28 September, 2016.

The government’s newest plan to build nuclear plants is so far, another case of sham public consultation. It insists that the public has already been consulted. That is because back in 2010, when it drew up the now outdated integrated resource plan, public hearings were held.

Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson has refused to provide Business Day with any of the studies done to inform the procurement and has also refused the DA access to the proposal for the rollout of the nuclear build and other documents. All parties in Parliament’s energy committee have resolved to use the committee’s constitutional powers to compel the minister to produce the documents.

But predictably, the government faces another court challenge, with two civil society organisations arguing that the process is faulty. Among the grounds they are asking the court to use to set aside the procurement is the absence of public consultation.

The parties have finally, after a year of attempting to extract responses and documents out of the department, been given a court date.

For much of 2016, the government has not taken the legal challenge seriously. Last December, the Cabinet said it had decided to issue a request for proposals despite not having an updated integrated resource plan in place.

Two weeks ago, Joemat-Pettersson said the first round of tender documents would be issued on September 30.

On Tuesday, for the first time, there were rumblings from within the Cabinet that perhaps not all the procedural ducks for the nuclear build are in a row.

Naledi Pandor, the minister of science and technology, said she believed an integrated resource plan had to be done before the proposal was issued.

She is right and part of that should include genuine public consultation about nuclear energy. Without it, the government will surely have another protracted legal fight on its hands.

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SA meets more nuclear vendors amid ‘costly diversion’ criticism

The Department of Energy (DoE) confirmed on Wednesday that the second nuclear vendor parade workshop, which took place at a venue in the Drakensberg, had been concluded with delegations from China, France, South Korea and the US. The first such workshop, which was also held in the Drakensberg in late October, was attended by officials from the Russian Federation and Rosatom.

The workshops, the DoE said, involved presentations by the delegations of the four countries on their nuclear offerings and how, if selected, they would deploy the 9 600 MW of nuclear power envisaged in the current version of the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP).

Besides showcasing their technologies, the vendors outlined their offerings for the full nuclear value chain, including areas such as uranium mining, conversion and enrichment, fuel fabrication, localisation and industrialisation, power generation, safety and licensing, job creation, research and development, skills transfer and development. Read more on Engineering News

DoE aiming to release draft gas master plan this month

Engineering News, 2 June, 2014.

The South African government’s draft Gas Utilisation Master Plan (Gump) could be released for public comment in June, should the document receive sign-off during one of the early meetings of the new Cabinet, which was named by President Jacob Zuma on May 25.

(EGI-SA Ed. Nice name! Ambitious scope.)

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From the role of nuclear to the position of gas, IRP debate heats up

Much of the initial commentary on the draft update of the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) has focused on the potential delay, downscaling or even abandonment of South Africa’s proposed new nuclear build programme. But more comprehensive responses are beginning to surface on the 20-year electricity blueprint as the February 7 comment deadline approaches.

As would have been anticipated, the proposed revisions to the nuclear build programme, together with the suggested $6 500/kW price cap for any new nuclear capacity, continues to receive significant attention.

The update itself describes the nuclear decision as being “particularly volatile”, owing to shifts in underlying assumptions, not least being the lowered demand assumptions. The document ventures that demand will be in the 345 TWh to 416 TWh range by 2030, as opposed to the 454 TWh expected in the current plant. “From a peak demand perspective this means a reduction from 67 800 MW to 61 200 MW (on the upper end of the range), with the consequence that at least 6 600 MW less capacity is required.” Read the rest on Engineering News >