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National Energy Efficiency Strategy – call for comments by 22 Jan 2017

Government Gazette, 23 December, 2016


I, Tina Joemat -Pettersson, Minister of Energy, hereby publish the draft post – 2015 National Energy Efficiency Strategy for public comments. Interested persons and organisations are invited to submit, within 30 days, written comments on the draft post -2015 National Energy Efficiency Strategy on any of the following: ….   For Attention: Xolile Mabusela


It’s a 4.2MB file (40 pages):


DoE unveils S.Africa’s first compulsory energy efficiency label

ESI Africa, 17 May, 2016.

South Africa’s Department of Energy today launched a new energy efficiency label that will become mandatory for household appliances.

Energy minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson revealed the new label at African Utility Week in Cape Town saying that a culture of saving energy was still “at a rudimentary phase” in South Africa.

Joemat Pettersson said it was an “uncomfortable truth that South Africa is among the least energy efficient countries in the world. When there is loadshedding, South Africans
look for more energy, rather than saving energy.”

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Load shedding does not have to spoil your holiday

Top tips for saving and celebrating a greener Christmas

Load shedding is a fact of life for the foreseeable future in South Africa and a little planning and creativity can alleviate a lot of the unpleasantness during the holidays. This is according to Evan Schiff, event director of the annual African Utility Week and Clean Power Africa conference and expo in Cape Town.

He says furthermore that higher electricity prices in South Africa have become an increasing strain on consumers’ monthly expenses and that “Christmas is a great time to introduce energy saving habits into a household as many easy and simple changes in the way we live can end up putting extra money into your pocket.” Read more on ESI-Africa

Eskom curtails energy efficiency schemes

BDLive, 7 October, 2014.

ESKOM’S “precarious” financial position has forced it to cut back on its energy efficiency incentives over the past 18 months, despite their success, Eskom senior GM for integrated demand management programmes Andrew Etzinger said on Monday.

Last week’s decision by the National Energy Regulator of SA to allow Eskom to claw back actual costs with a 12.69% increase in tariffs in its next financial year was “great news”, he said. The double the rate of inflation increase would help to incentivise energy savings, Mr Etzinger added.

(EGI-SA Ed. note: This is crazy! It is well-known that energy efficiency pays for itself; often in a few years. The problem is that it is not Eskom who benefits financially from customer energy efficiency investments – it is the customers themselves. Although, one could argue that anything that reduces the use of gas turbines (at reputedly R3/kWh) must save Eskom money as well. Our energy minister needs to wake up fast! And yes, Mr Etzinger, higher tariffs will force electricity savings, but also GDP growth reductions. The Eskom and municipality business models need to change to get them to encourage energy efficiency and demand-side management investment).

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Energy efficient buildings deliver better returns – study

Engineering News, 22 September, 2014.

Energy efficient commercial buildings in South Africa delivered better returns than non-energy efficient buildings, a new study by the Investment Property Databank and the Green Building Council of South Africa has shown.

The study, which investigated 461 commercial buildings, found that the top-quartile energy efficient properties delivered a 15.9% total return, 170 basis points higher than the remainder of the sample buildings, which delivered a total return of 14.2%…

(EGI-SA Ed note: Of course the rather small difference could be due to something else, such as the energy efficient buildings being more modern.)

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