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Consultation on the Draft Carbon Tax Bill

South African National Treasury, 30 March, 2016.

The Treasury has issued an invitation to attend a consultation event on the Draft Carbon Tax Bill to be held in Pretoria on 15 April, 2016.

Invitation letter: 11 Invitation Letter Carbon Tax Bill Consultation (1)

Draft programme: 11 consultation-General – Open – draft programme (1)


Carbon offset trading could be aligned with carbon budgeting approach

Engineering News, 12 September, 2014.

The proposed carbon offset trading scheme, currently being considered by National Treasury, has the potential to be aligned to the carbon budgeting approach set out in the National Climate Change Response Paper (NCCRP) if the right foundation is put in place, a report by carbon emissions and climate change advisory company Promethium Carbon has shown.The carbon offset trading system formed part of the carbon tax set to be implemented in 2016, while the carbon budgeting approach, also known as the desired emission reduction outcomes (DEROs)system was suggested in the NCCRP in conjunction with a mix of measures aimed at achieving the desired outcomes…

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