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Nuclear tender to follow talks with potential vendors

GOVERNMENT has made “significant progress” in engaging with prospective nuclear vendor countries, the Presidency said on Wednesday.

Intergovernmental framework agreements had been signed with Russia, France, China, South Korea and the US, marking the “initiation of the preparatory stage for the procurement process”, Presidency spokesman Mac Maharaj said in a statement.

The government had now concluded a series of international vendor parades, which was “a significant milestone in the government pre-procurement phase for the roll out of the nuclear new build programme”. The government will now “design and launch a procurement process”, the Presidency said. Read more on BDLive

South Africa tenders for coal-fired power plants

South Africa asked on Friday for bidders to submit proposals to build coal-fired power plants as part of a string of initiatives launched this week aimed at ending chronic electricity shortages.

Bidders will need to pay a nonrefundable R200 000 rand ($17 000) fee when they submit proposals to build, operate and maintain the new coal plants, according to a tender notice posted in national newspapers.

The government will give the winners a power purchase agreement with struggling state utility Eskom.

South Africa has suffered its worst power shortages in six years this month due to creaking power plants and emergency maintenance. Eskom is facing a $20-billion funding shortfall over the next four years, forcing the government to consider selling state assets to bail out the utility.

The government announced on Thursday that it would launch a private sector-led coal-fired power plant programme by January 2015, which should add 2 500 MW of generation capacity to the grid.

It also said it would increase diesel and gas imports to fuel under-supplied plants and sign deals next week for renewable energy projects that would add an additional 1 000 MW.

Edited by: Reuters via Engineering News

South Africa seeks alternative solutions to power crisis

On Thursday, South African parliament reached a decision to solve the current energy crisis weighing heavily on the country, Reuters reported.

The cabinet said that imports of gas and diesel need to be increased and an agreement will be signed with the private sector for a coal-fired power plant.

With industries loosing R6 billion in revenue due to rampant power cuts, the economy took another knock when the rand feel to its lowest against the dollar since late January. read more on ESI Africa

Eskom releases estimates for the week’s generation capacity

On Monday Eskom released a statement explaining that the system is still under a lot of pressure, and is urging customers to use electricity wisely.

Following urgent maintenance on the Cahora Bassa hydroelectric plant in Mozambique on Sunday, Eskom technicians are working overtime to ensure that they do not have to schedule rotational load shedding this week.

As mentioned in a statement last week, the weekend was used to build up reserves of water and gas to see the plants through the week. Eskom cannot guarantee that the built up reserves will last, it is all dependent on how they are run. This is a call to consumers to be aware of their energy consumption and use it efficiently. Read more on ESI

South Africa issues tender for IPP procurement advisers

The South African government is seeking bids from international and domestic advisers with expertise to design, develop and implement programmes for the “procurement of energy from independent power producers (IPPs)”.

The request for proposals (RFP) has been issued by the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) on behalf of the Department of Energy (DoE) and the National Treasury and appears to be the precursor to bidding processes that should extend government’s IPP procurement reach beyond renewable energy.

However, a similar RFP was released in August 2013, which failed to yield any procurement processes. Read more on Polity